Potential Benefits Of Using Inversion Table For Back Pain Treatment

Potential Benefits Of Using Inversion Table For Back Pain Treatment

What is the Inversion Table?

Inversion Table is all about a therapeutic machine designed for hanging human body putting the head downwards. It’s designed in a scientific view that shifts the body Gravity providing traction for the spine. Inversion Table mostly used to keep upside down holding or hanging the ankle, Knee, legs or feet. Inversion Table maintains the human body in the scale up to 60 Degree angle putting the head downwards. Using the Inversion Table human body keeps healthy especially people those who are suffering back pain and disk related ailment. This machine relief your pain from the different disk displacement related problem. Also helps to reduce nerve pain. Inversion table benefits mayo clinic too. This machine also helps improving lung function, develop Respiratory and immune systems, Improve energy level, reduce stresses any many more.

We are continuously putting pressure on our spinal disks. Standing, sitting, running, walking, bending our bodies in different angle all these activities putting tremendous pressure on our Spinal Disks. Sometimes we put unusual and imbalanced pressure on those disks. The consequence of the pressure increase the risks of back pain. This also triggers collapsing vertebra and much more relevant discomfort. Increasing the disk space of your spine inversion table or inversion therapy helps to remove pain and relieve pressure.



Research View:

Some of the researchers suggest that using an inversion table can resolve and prevent Back pain. Researchers pointed out stretching and circulatory benefits intimating future preventive measure of back pain related health hazards.

Suggests the following benefits of using Inversion Tables:

• Increase Blood Circulation around the Muscles throughout your body
• Produce more protective fluid around spinal disks
• Reduce unnecessary wastes from the spine
• It helps decrees inflammation

Top 7 Health Benefits of Using Inversion Table:

1. Reduced Back pain:

The study looked at around 47 of the patient of Chronic Back pain. They were on an average of 3-minute Inversion Table Exercise maintaining the 60-degree angle. Most of them reported reduced back pain after eight weeks of regular exercise in the Inversion Table. Doctors reviled that Using Inversion Table helps also increasing torso flexibility and strength.

2. Improving Spinal Health:

Keeping the ultimate intention of designing Inversion table to boost up spinal health. Exercising on Inversion regularly develop spaces between the spinal disks as a consequence pressure relieves. As a result functionality of spinal disks gets a more healthy life.

3. Reduces the number of surgery:

In the year 2014, a group of renowned researchers found that the lowest Gravity Nature of inversion reduced ample amount of compression. Researchers also pointed out that exercising on inversion mood potentially prevent Chronic back pain related diseases. Ultimately Inversion therapy reduced the number of spinal surgery.

4. Increased Flexibility:

the Main responsibility of Inversion table is to correct or maintain accurate posture. Hanging the body in 45 to 60-degree angle in the inversion forms gives enough flexibility in the mussels especially in between the spinal disks. Micro-movements of the mussels around spine over the time become stronger. This will helps with bending your body more convenient and flexible.
The natural posture com suggests some impressive benefits of using Inversion Table those are as follows:

5. Relieve and manage Pain:

As we said earlier one of the main intentions of using the inversion table is to reduce and manage back pain. Only a few Minuit of exercising with this unique instrument helps and reduce back pain. It doesn’t require any type of medication or bandits too. This inversion table will help to realign your spinal disks if any. This will reduce pressure from the disks and rehydration among the disks will be smooth and easy. Inversion therapy will reduce nerve pressure and helps to manage pain. Exercise on Inversion Table will relax the mussels of the neck and back reducing relevant muscle pain.

6. Stress Relief:

Now a day’s people all over the world live a stressful life. Managing ones stress is good but remaining overstressed is bad for both mental and physical health. In order to manage or reduce stress health-conscious people tend to practice different exercise, yoga, meditation etc. People also looking for some incredible instrument to keep up the good spirit.
The inversion table will be one of the most useful instrument to relieve stresses. Hanging the body for a justified moment over the table increase flexibility of the mussels of your body and you feel relaxed. Practicing the same will relief you from stresses gradually.

7. Detoxification of Body:

Using Inversion Table or Inversion Therapy is all about hanging your body upside down. This posture circulates the lymph nodes of your body increasing detoxification. Since the Inversion Table put your body in a balanced posture for optimum blood flow. Simultaneously detoxification starts in your body. In addition to that supply of oxygen to your brain will increase. More supply of oxygen to the brain is all about the efficient functioning of your brain performance. In a nutshell, This Inversion therapy will help you concentrate more on your day to day activities with an optimum output from your brain.

CelesteRobb -Nicholson, Editor in chief, Harvard’s Women’s Health, says that Inversion table is one of the instruments used for “Inversion Therapy”. This machine involves human body adopting an upside-down posture or a reverse posture in order to reverse the gravity effects of a spine. The head moving to downwards certainly relieve pressures of the disks and nerve roots in the spine. An inversion table therapy not only relief back pain but also improve posture, increase height and flexibility. This exercise also increases blood flow to the brain and scalp correct the position of abdominal organs.

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