Do Inversion Table Work: Pain And Sciatica Treatment

Do Inversion Table Work: Pain And Sciatica Treatment

Before start writing my article, I want to make sure you that ‘Do Inversion table work? It is a ubiquitous question to ask most of the patient about the inversion table, how inversion table work. The Ans is “Yes.” However, in some issues, this table is not beneficial for some specific Situation. The inversion therapy might not be helpful, whose are suffering from some particular disease like, high blood pressure, glaucoma, fracture or anything that interferes to the process.


Origin of Inversion Therapy

If we look at early 400 BC, then we can see that inversion therapy has been practice when Hippocrates was there. He was also familiars the father of medicine, and he tried to treat the patient by hanging up down posture. Although this therapy used for back pain problem, it can play a dramatic role to relies on the particular stress, muscle problem, joint disc issues and many more. It is the oldest process to get relief from back pain.


How Inversion table work & How to use it?

It is excellent news comes from the medical specialist. People who are suffering from back pain for a long time, inversion table one of the best exercise tables to solve their back problem. There are many ways you can apply to ease your back pain. After long research, the medical professionals are the success to make this structure table. The inversion table can quickly solve all kind of back pain. Due to having, well structure and feature inversion tables are getting more popular and most comfortable way to solve back pain matters. So doctors are preferred this inversion table any back pain patient.

One of the easiest way to understand what is inversion table and inversion. An inversion table is one kind of inversion therapy. What about inversion? We all know about the gravity force. It is a force which continuously pulling down any element into the earth. When you set on the inversion table on hanging up and down posture, it allowed reversing your body, and your spine gets some relax. Through this process, the disc will release pressure, and your spine is beginning to reconstruct.

The inversion table is devising to decompress disc, space vertebrae help, help to the realignment of the Spine. Most of the back pain is caused by decompressed of vertebrae in the spine that create the problem with ligament, nerves, muscles and other severe back pain. However, the noticeable thing is that it also to keep the balance of other organs in our body. Sciatica is another common issue that patient often complains and is liable for back pain.

These tables are works only for exercising. When you use the inversion table makes sure that you used it the proper way.  It means should consult with a doctor or read the manual book properly before using the table. Therefore, when you use inversion table hanging up down posture, you should continue until it converted and made sure this processed done slowly. In some cases, patient faced troubled due to they did not use the inversion table in the right way (use faster or in an inappropriate way).

The angle of inversion 45 to 60 is enough to start using the inversion table. One of the best way that is recommended by physical therapist you must seat on the table on up down posture only 5 minutes or more you can in a day. This process maintains a couple of days after that you can increase the degree of angle as well as the time. I even heard some patients have the result in 5 minutes.


Most common issues for back pain

If we try to find the reason for back pain, we will get too many results. Nowadays one of the common diseases all age group people especially adult and oldest people. Our current lifestyle is mostly responsible for back pain, which is, including setting a long time on a chair in the workplace, placed in front of the computer for a long time; long route driving, lousy posture as well as the daily stupid things that we are doing in everyday life.

Avoid using inversion table in the following situation / Caution

There is no age restriction for using an inversion table. There are some benefits along with some inconvenience. Specialists are highly discouraged to use an inversion table in the following situation.

  • People who have high blood pressure
  • If someone has heart disease should aware of using an inversion table
  • Eye disorders ( Like glaucoma)
  • It is strictly prohibited if you are pregnant

Studies show that using of inversion table may responsible for bleeding in the Retina, headache while using it.

Personal experience

If you still have any doubt” Does inversion table Work? It is effortless for me to understand someone because I have an experienced in this regard. Before start sharing my experience, I have a question to you “What can you expect from inversion table?

It’s time to share my experience, and it’s about one of my neighbors who suffer from back pain for a long time. Once he tried the inversion table in a shop, and he got a tremendous result instantly. Therefore, he ordered an inversion table not only that he visited the shop every day until the table delivered.

Other benefits of inversion table

When I was researching the inversion table, I got many positive reviews from the users. It is common to hear that the result about inversion table is quite dramatic in many cases.  It may differ from based on patient age, weight, level of pain and so on. Here some of them are,

  • An inversion table can play a significant role to release specific stress and ally to motion sickness.
  • Help to increase flexibility
  • Increase blood circulation in the body.
  • Help to reduce the intensity of back pain
  • It also used by professional athletics during the sport to get short-term relief of pain
  • Help to increase poor posture

The verdict

The inversion table is a life-changing invention for which are suffering different kinds of back pain. However, if you are still in doubt that “Do inversion table work? It is better for you to go to the internet and you can see their many positive reviews. Professionals are considering that using of inversion table correctly someone gets short-term relief from back pain, but it does not provide long-term assistance. It only happens when you use it regular basis.

Consequently, once again the important thing is that when you use inversion table makes sure you use the table correctly and thoroughly structured way. If you do not use inversion table without doing proper research, you may have physical injury by yourself especially spinal injury.

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