The Importance of Good Posture: Improve Physical Fitness

The Importance of Good Posture: Improve Physical Fitness

Importance of Good Posture: Good posture is certain alignments of our body parts supported by the muscle tension against gravity. Good postures are more of standing straight so you look better and smarter. Placing human body and limbs on the leg when lying, sitting, walking or standing. People habited in different postures in the different situation. Lots of people suffering from back pain. Those people suffering from back pain only realize the importance of good postures. Most of the time bad postures impacts health bringing different health hazards in life.


A study reports around 80% back pain comes from bad postures. Certainly, bad postures are not healthy or comfortable for sound health. Sometimes good posture comes with different obvious mental and physical benefits. Proper posture alignment decreases fatigue and strain from the muscle producing more energy to work better. It’s been noticed that consciously we do not maintain normal posture. However, certain muscles group naturally do this for us.

Referring to Harvard Medical School Good Posture Definition:

Chin parallel to the floor.
Even shoulders.
Arms putting aside with straight and even elbow.
Hips even.
Knees even and pointing straight ahead.
Evenly distributed body weight on the booth feet.

Advantages or Importance of good postures:

Keeping your body fit and healthy: In order to avoid back pain, head and neck pain we must practice good posture.

1. Removing Back pain:

Practicing good posture ensure striating the backbone of the human body. Most of the back and neck pain is completely cured or could be prevented through exercising good postures. Dr. Suggests for changing the habit of some bad postures by using Best Posture Corrector for certain joint pain.

2. Quality Breathing:

Study reports that uninterrupted breathing ensures accurate respiration human body requires the adequate supply of oxygen in order to produce sufficient energy without practicing good posture no of blood cells can be damaged. So good posture ensure quality breathing.

3. Keeps the brain healthy:

Good posture ensures supply of adequate blood containing enough oxygen and neuron to the Brain cells which produce energy for the brain properly.

4. Relief from stress:

Unusual bad posture causes extra stresses on the body. Stress always malfunction the mussels and ignite joint pressure. As a result, we suffer a lot.

5. Minimizing future health hazard:

Correct posture practice preventing your potential health hazards. It also helps to minimize unusual wear and tear on the joint surface leading to arthritis. It also helps to prevent diseases on Ligaments and spinal disks.

6. Posture effects depression and memory:

There was a relevant research at The University of Hildesheim and Ruhr University of Bochum in Germany. Around 30 psychiatric researchers participated in the study. They found serious depressive disorder while investigating the effects of the memory. Reports say because of poor posture those patients tend to recall maximum negative word comprising those upright sitting group. The physiological report also suggests that depressed people generally getting biased memory towards the negative material. The research also suggested that depressed patients are more likely to become habituated of poor sitting positions.

Exercise for maintaining good posture:

There are some exercise to maintain a good and balanced posture.

* Straight position: Lie down bending your knees and putting your back on the floor. Increase pressure on the floor using the lower portion of your body. Before doing the same place you’re both hands back of your neck. Repeat the same several time smoothly.

* Inhale & Exhale: Try a longer Inhale Filling fresh air to abdomen keep them a moment inside and Exhale slowly. Slowly curl your neck and shoulder to the floor. Hold a moment and return to the previous position. Practice the same couple of times.

* Increase the Intensity: Bring upward any of your leg maintaining a 45-degree angle towards the Ceiling for a moment. Return the Leg and do the same for the other one. Practice the exercise for a couple of times.

* Posing Cobra: Lie on your stomach supporting your palms on the floor. Extend your legs backward pressing the tops of your feet on the floor. Repeat the same for 1 Minuit.

The technique of practicing good posture:

* Remaining mindful in our day to day activities such as sitting a longer hour in the chair, working with the computer or watching TVs,

* Regular exercise keeps the body healthy. Yoga, meditation helps proper sitting aligned.

* Maintaining Balance weight reduce complicacy. Extra weight always creates complicacy in the spine and pelvis, abdominal muscles.

* Wearing high hill shoes bring your body imbalance forcing you to walk balancing your Feet. Wearing flat or low hill gives more comfort and health benefits.

* Using table while dining, reading, and computing or any other activity, the table must maintain a correct height adjusting your body height.

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