Instant Back Pain Relief Remedies : Natural Back Pain Treatment

Instant Back Pain Relief Remedies : Natural Back Pain Treatment

Back pain comes gradually and interferes with both professional and personal life immediately. We seek for instant back pain relief and the good news is there way out to get rid of it immediately. “Back pain” is such a term that needs very less explanation. It is a very common term for our mechanized life. All of us either have experienced it or heard from our friends and family about it. This is a common health issue worldwide and one of the vital cause of disability. As per WHO|Disability-adjusted life years (DALYs), back pain is in the top 10 diseases and injuries. Statistics show that it is most common in the age range between 35-55.


What Cause Of Back Pain?

This pain or discomfort can be derived from injuries, unhealthy lifestyle and outcome of diseases.

-sports injuries or accidents can cause back pain.

-Unhealthy lifestyle especially inappropriate posture, emotional stress, and overweight can cause or enhance back pain. Often simple movement like picking up a pen from the floor can be a start of a back pain but actually, it triggered many days/weeks/months ago and when the gathering of strain is extreme and the pain started.

-Disease of internal organs like kidney stones, kidney infections, spondylitis, blood clots, and bone loss can cause back pain as well.

How to relieve back pain fast?

You can help yourself to get rid of taking step immediately, interim and finally making some changes in lifestyle

Immediate actions:

Very common saying about back pain is the “you have to take bed rest for 2 weeks” which is neither suggested by the physicians nor the rationale until it is an injury or spinal fracture. Clinical practice guidelines from the American College of Physicians (ACP) and the American Pain Society (APS) say that patients with low back pain should be advised to remain active. This is categorized by the ACP and APS as a “strong” recommendation.

We can take the following guidelines as immediate actions:

1. Move slowly:

Slow down your regular physical activity for the first few days depending on the intensity of the pain. Stop moving can slow down the recovery process. Slowly moving will help. The muscle to be flexible and gain strength. Protect nutriments and intervertebral fluids from drying out. It will help to reduce the inflammation of the pain area.

2. Ice Therapy:

Generally, it is better to apply ice on the pain area for 1-2 days after the pain. It can be through ice bag, ice wrapped in a towel or commercial ice pack available in the drug store. Ice therapy helps to reduce pain instantly, swelling of the affected area of the pain. It also reduces the sensation and hence acts as a local anesthesia. Protect tissue damage.

3. Warm Water Therapy:

Warm water also helps to reduce instant back pain relief as it stimulates the blood flow which eventually reduces pain. Like ice, it also reduces the sensation of pain. One precaution is we have to use warm water not hot water and the ideal temperature is below 100 degrees.

Avoid all sort of lifting even the things with lightweight.

Mid-term actions:

  • Diagnose/consulting with a physiotherapist.
  • Healthy eating for quick curing
  • Adequate sleep for enhancing the remedial process
  • Avoid taking painkiller drugs as it has an adverse impact on the kidney.
  • Stop smoking for proper oxygen flow to the spine

Long-Term Actions:

Change the habit

  • Anxiety/stress management
  • Make good habit for proper posture/ergonomics
  • Walking is good for back pain
  • Yoga/exercise that helps to get rid of back pain.
  • Weight management-take care of overweight.
  • Using comfortable low heeled shoes.
  • Avoid lifting heavy objects
  • Quit smoking
  • Using an ergonomic chair to prevent back pain in case of working in front of a computer for a longer period.

When to visit a doctor?

As per Dr. Richard Guyer, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon at Texas Back Institute

In most cases, about 70% of cases of low back pain get better on their own within just a few days or perhaps a little bit longer.  However, the following aspects can be considered for taking into consideration for going to doctors or health care provider for back pain

  • Back pain that aggravates gradually
  • Back pain that doesn’t recover within four to six weeks.
  • Pain which doesn’t start healing after immediate steps mentioned in “immediate actions”
  • Pain gets intense at night even it interrupts the sleep after some days of commencement of pain.
  • Other pain e.g. abdominal pain accompanies with it. Observe emotionlessness in the pain area.



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